Season 1:Biting Secrets

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Episode 1

“In the beginning God created the heaven and earth….and He formed man from dust…and the ribs which the Lord had taken from man made He a woman…” Gen 1:1,2:7,21

“Shhh, are you sure nobody followed you?” Abel asked affectionately.
“Nobody,” Nneoma answered shyly, looking down and wringing her fingers as she talked.
“Okay be quick; the cyclist is waiting there….” He pointed to a lone motorbike with a rider waiting impatiently.
They walked like thieves, talked like rogues in the thickness of the night.
“Oh….my love, I will make you very happy.” he promised.
“I dropped a note for them.” She whispered.
“My sister will be so heartbroken.”
“We will call them from there.”
“No we can’t …if we do my dad will definitely come for me.”
“Let’s get there first my love. We have waited too long for this day.” She clutched at him harder on the bike, her arms encircling his waist as they rode on.
“Istanbul…Turkey…never heard of the place. Wonder what it holds for us.”
As was expected, there was sadness and commotion in her household, when they woke up and found she was gone.
“Quick, let us go and inform the king….” her father hollered.
“No need Papa,” her sister informed, handing over the note she left to him.
“Ah, abomination!” He screamed.
“What is it?” Her anxious mother asked as she snatched the note from her fuming husband.
“Our daughter has run mad. She just eloped with her cousin.” He hissed.
“No…This is not my Nneoma. He must have forced her or used juju on her.” her mum screeched.
“Nobody did anything to anyone.”
“So you knew about this madness,” her parents screamed at her.
“No. I knew there was someone…but I did not know who.” She sobbed.
“So shameful…we must not let anyone know.”


when adaeze was given to Uche in marriage, theirs seemed to be matrimony contracted in heaven

Years passed. They are back to Nigeria with their kids. Abel sat up on his bed as he heard the loud bang.
“It is not Christmas so it cannot be fireworks” he thought within himself.
“Bang…bang. kpua…kpua” Gunshots and bombs deafened the whole peaceful village of Abonnema. People ran helter-shelter.
There were screams everywhere.
“Ogboi…hide…ogboi…mbote …o…they are everywhere.“
The kids scampered to the room Abel shared with Nneoma. They could hear doors being pulled down. The whole village is surrounded.
“Boyo…wetin they happen.” Abel whispered through earpiece of his cell phone.
His brother was in another end of Abonnema. Abonnema is his maternal home, so it was easy to settle in here with his family. Boyo lives close to the road that serves as the only entrance and exit by land of the village. Once it is blocked, no one can go in or out of the village.
“O boy…I no know….I don hide under bed. Them say people want intimidate the village….”
“Who talk so….and who be the people…” Abel enquired further in the midst of the thunderous loud bangs from the gun shots.
“Na radio…I put ear piece…….ahiiiii….ahiiii.”
“Boyo….boyo….” Able could hear the background struggles.
“My hands are up….I am not armed.”
“Come out you fool……” Abel heard the struggles and shredding of cloths.
“I am not a militant….I am not…..” then another bang….Boyo went silent.
“You are next…” a voice barked at the other end of the phone.
In fear, Abel bundled his family out of the house in the pitch darkness. Nigerian power supply seems to be in agreement of the terror that was being unleashed to the indigenes of Abonnema.
The news filtering through his earpiece did not make things easy. Abonnema has been surrounded both on land and water by the military. There is information making the rounds that politicians had filled the village with hoodlums to assist with fraud at the elections tomorrow. Everybody should stay indoors to be safe.
Bombs kept exploding. The last voice from Boyo’s phone kept ringing in his head, “You are next.”
“Are you sure it is safe to run out?” Nneoma felt unease, reluctant to expose the family outside.
“Fast…Nne …just obey for once. … You are scaring the kids.”
Everywhere was dark. Doors are being pulled down and people dragged out. Frightful screams filled the air intermittently and this is followed by dead silence. Abel could feel Nneoma’s fear. The slow whimpers of the kids, Mary and Azuka sounded like wails. They had just moved away when they saw heavily armed men run towards their door. They are in full uniform: camouflage attires, helmet and masked faces. Nobody knew if they are imposters or authentic military men.
“Open this door,” the armed men barked in commando style.
Abel’s door was pulled down.
“The house is empty.” A voice screamed.
“Look for them…they can’t be far.”
“Shhh Abel cautioned his family. With a finger on his lips as they stooped for cover behind the shade of a semi detached zinc building. Just then, Nneoma forgot herself and loudly slapped her thigh as she slammed a mosquito.
With hand signal, the head of the commando team signalled others to move towards where Abel and family hid.
“Let’s crawl out of here soundless. I have a haunch someone may have heard the slap.”
Obediently, the family crawled, walked and made a run for it.
“Stop,” a voice barked from behind them.
They all froze in their tracks.
By a stroke of luck, a loud bang from a grenade startled everyone.
“Shhhh… come in, an old woman whispered, opening her door just enough for them to creep in.”
“Pass through that room,” She whispered. “There is a back door that will lead you to the bush. This people should let us live in peace.“
“Imiete…“ They chorused their thanks.
In the dark night, they picked their steps. They saw people that were dragged out of homes, bound hands and legs and left on the streets like animals waiting to be slaughtered.
“We are at the waterfront,“ Abel announced gleefully.
“I heard the rivers are surrounded.“ Nneoma said worriedly.
“No, not this shallow part of the river.”
“Who dey there…who dey there?” A stern voice queried.
Before they could take cover, a bullet flew past in their general direction.

QN: what is your opinion about Nneoma and Abel eloping?

Winner at the end of the series attracts a reward.

Author: Maeve Ere-Bestman
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