Coronavirus: 1.4m ‘at risk’ people to be told by NHS to stop all social contact

An estimated 1.4million people who are ‘at risk’ from catching coronavirus will be sent guidance next week advising them to stop all social contact.

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Health secretary Matt Hancock said those who are at an increased risk will be told to carry out social distancing measures in place from Monday.

Hancock said it was a “really big ask and really difficult” but are for “people’s own protection” – adding people in those categories should “take themselves away from all social contact from Monday onwards”.

It is believed the 1.4 million people contacted will be those who are most vulnerable and with particular underlying health conditions.

Speaking about the measures to Sky News, he said: “The first thing we’re going to do is set out exactly what conditions that applies to.

“We expect about 1.4million people to then get a communication from the NHS to say they are part of this and what they need to do.

“Many of these people have pre-existing health conditions and so will be very worried right now and I understand that.

“They’ll need very specific sets of action – for instance, how do you go about still getting your chemo if you have cancer, whilst also social distancing.

“If you have cancer it’s particularly important to stay away from other people, but you also, of course, have got to keep going with your chemotherapy.


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