Get your heads out of the sand’: Warning as coronavirus claims UK’s youngest victim

A friend of Britain’s youngest coronavirus victim has warned people to “be vigilant” over the potential dangers of the illness.

Posting on Facebook, the family of Craig Ruston, 45, said he died at 6.20am on Monday after his chest infection was diagnosed as Covid-19.

They said Ruston, who was diagnosed with motor neurone disease (MND) in June 2018, was “not ready to go”.

In another post, on the Mummy With MND Facebook page, a friend paid tribute to the father and his family, saying they “had lots of precious time left”.

The friend’s post added: “This beautiful family had lots of precious time left.

“The ‘vulnerable’ are people like me and Craig; parents of young children. Get your heads out of the sand. Start acting in our interests too.

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“Don’t you dare tell me that I’m taking this too seriously. Stay home, wash your hands, be vigilant, help us to stay alive. Do not carry on as normal. Please.”


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