UK to trial use of COVID-19 survivors’ blood plasma for treatment


 The United Kingdom is preparing to collect the blood from COVID-19 survivors to investigate if convalescent plasma transfusions could improve an infected patient’s speed of recovery and chances of survival. “NHS Blood and Transplant is

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Gang raped on my wedding day


Somewhere in the neighbourhood I could vaguely hear inane laughter as someone tried to convince me the world could still be a happy place. For something close to five hours I have been held against

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Two more Scots have been diagnosed with coronavirus, Health Secretary Jeane Freeman has announced. More details of the cases will be revealed later on Wednesday, she said, after officials were informed overnight that the disease

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Being single has its advantages; a hastily prepared and eaten meal without cause to cater to the needs of a nagging wife or demanding kids could be strangely comforting. I am not the best cook

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Immigrants ‘need to speak English’ under points system


British companies will be discouraged from employing cheap labour from the EU under post-immigration plans unveiled by the government. The Home Office said these workers may not get visas and that companies would instead be

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Nigeria investigating mystery killer disease


The Nigerian government is trying to identify the cause of a mystery illness that has claimed more than a dozen lives in a central region of the country, an official said, reports China Daily. Chikwe

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